Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stess Less Sunday

Since I worked at the coffee shop this weekend I was on my feet all day. I don't know how people do this full time, and I applaud all of those who do because it is seriously hard. Since my feet are super sore by the end of the weekend my stress less pick of the week is a nice foot soak. I do have a jetted foot bath but I prefer to just use my good old bath tub since I like to soak my feet in really hot water.
I like to use Epsom Salt in my soak for pain relief and I also like to use a scrub since my feet are pretty beat up by the end of the weekend (I know, I hate feet, I hate talking about feet, I'm sure there are many of you who feel the same so I'm sorry!)
If you can't tell, I'm a huge fan of Dr Teal's. The peppermint in this Epsom Salt is really cooling and refreshing.
For a scrub, I'm currently using the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub in Hawaiian Kukui. I like this scrub but I switch up scrubs often and sometimes make my own. This is a grainier one, which I like, but if you like gentler ones this probably isn't for you.
After finishing up my soak I like to smother my feet in a thick lotion and throw on some comfy socks.
Currently I'm using Julep's Mint Condition pedi cream. It's okay but not as thick as I prefer. I usually go for Curel's deep penetrating foot cream which I really like and is usually available at any grocery or drug store.
Sometimes if I'm really lucky I can get my hubby to throw in a foot rub...but, he's not a fan of feet either so that's on a rare occasion. What can I say, I can't really blame the guy!

Tell me what you did for stress relief this week.

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