Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another year...a fuller bucket

As I approach another birthday delving deeper into my 30's, I'm starting to feel like NOW is the time to start tackling that bucket list. This isn't being dramatic, I know that barring some weird twist of fate I have quite a lot of years left in me. However, we can get so wrapped up in doing the things we NEED to do, that lots of times we forget to enjoy life a little, to do the things we want to do to make it count. Some of the things I've really been wanting to accomplish this year on my bucket list are to learn Korean and to travel someplace I've never been before. Something I've already accomplished was to start this blog, which was a HUGE leap for me and one I'm grateful I took. Some things on the list I think I can put off, maybe forever, are learning how to swim (YIKES!) and getting more tattoos. These are both things I kind of want to do, but kind of feel like I could die happy without ever doing (again, in the case of tattoos) hahaha. Tell me, what are some things your ready to start on your bucket list?