Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sensationail Gel Nail Kit

Throughout the week my nails get beat up. Between working at the coffee shop, typing on the keyboard all day and general household chores, my nail polish maybe lasts 3 days if I'm lucky. I've heard all the rage about gel nails but I've never personally had them done as I don't usually have the time to get my nails done professionally. Nor do I have the time to do my nails 3 times a week. I decided I'd try the Sensationail at home Gel Nail Kit which claims to last up to 14 days.
I snapped a couple of shots right after I painted them. Keep in mind I'm no nail expert, so I tried to avoid my skin and cuticles as the instructions said but you know, I did the best I could. The kit comes with a UV light, a gel nail polish, a gel base and top coat, a gel primer, gel cleanser and lint free pads and a buffer stick. Detailed but easy step-by-step instructions also come in the kit. I got my color in Raspberry Wine but there were lots of different options. I'll update you in a few days on whether or not the nail polish lasts without chipping.
I found my kit here:

Have you ever had a gel manicure? If so, how long did it last?

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