Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Organix Moroccan Argan Oils

I've already stated previously that I am a hair oil fanatic, and this is further proof of my obsession. The Organix Moroccan Argan Oil hair line is so good. I use both the penetrating oil as well as the weightless healing dry oil and they are some of my favorite hair oils to date.

I love using the penetrating oil the night before a hair wash. I usually run a dime size amount through dry hair and throw my hair up in a bun overnight. It leaves my hair super silky smooth after a wash. I don't use it unless I'm going to wash my hair the next day though because it is super oily, so it does leave my hair greasy to look at/touch, which is never a good look. The weightless healing dry oil is the perfect everyday hair oil. I usually spritz on a couple sprays before styling my hair and it leaves my hair super shiny and tames my fly-a-ways. Since it is a dry oil, I find that it doesn't make my hair greasy or oily at all, but a couple of times a week I do need a deeper oil treatment to keep my hair feeling soft and manage my split ends. The two together are the ideal combination of hair oils.

What kinds of hair products are your favorites?

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