Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BH Cosmetics Blush Duos

I've been wanting to try these BH Cosmetics Blush Duos for quite sometime as I can never resist a good blush/highlight combo (two of my favorite beauty products EVER!) and for only $5.00 a piece it's a great price. There are 5 different sets to choose from; I chose Lilac and Daisy as they were both different from anything else I own.

The packaging is absolutely adorable, with each set featuring pictures of the namesake flower and containing a convenient mirror.

The Lilac is a gorgeous pink-purple shimmer blush with a pink toned highlight. This duo is super natural and really pretty on the cheeks. I've been wearing this one almost everyday. 

Daisy is a gorgeous matte pink coral blush with a golden highlight, which will look gorgeous in the warmer months, especially with a nice tan.

The blush goes on natural but is buildable for a bolder look. The blush and highlight are super soft and buttery and easily blendable. I'm tempted to get the rest of the blush duos. You can purchase them here.

Have you guys ever tried these blush palettes? XO

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lorac Pink Champagne Palette

Lorac is a brand that is huge in the beauty world and their unzipped palettes are all the rage. Admittedly I haven't tried any of their palettes, or anything else from the brand. As always, what drew me in about this palette was the affordable price point, cute packaging, and the fact that the palette is a multi-use product. I purchased the Lorac Pink Champagne Palette for $19 on Amazon here. The quality of this palette is amazing, the colors are highly pigmented and super buttery and blend-able. The highlight in this palette is gorgeous and shimmery and I love the neutral eyeshadow colors. The small size and big mirror make it perfect for travel. It's quickly become one of my favorite palettes.

The palette contains 4 neutral eyeshadows; 3 matte and 1 shimmer and a bronzer, highlight and blush trio. The bronzer and blush are both matte while the highlight is a gorgeous shimmery white. The quality of this palette is ah-mazing, especially considering the price point. I would highly recommend this palette whether you're on a budget or not.

Have you guys ever tried anything from Lorac? XO

Monday, February 22, 2016

Waterproof Eyeshadow Palette

I received this palette from Born Pretty Store and I was super excited to try it for several reasons. First of all, my eyes water like crazy so waterproof makeup is a must for me. Another reason is because I love shimmery eye shadow and this little palette is full of glittery goodness. Not to mention it's compact so perfect for travel. It's $4.99 for a 12 shadow palette so it's also a total bargain.

The pros of this palette are that the shadows are indeed waterproof, as tested on my hand, with no primer used. However, the glitter in the shadow does wipe off with water so you're left with matte color, which is kind of a bummer if you're intent on the shimmer sticking around, but nice if you're looking for lasting color. Results may be better with an actual primer being used. I also love the sleek packaging and the color range. The colors are neutral enough for everyday use, but unique enough with the shimmer for special occasions.
The cons are that the top row of shadows are incredibly sheer. They're nice if you want a glittery finish over a similar color, but as far as using those colors on their own you'll get very little color payoff. The bottom row of colors are a lot more pigmented but still semi patchy. If you use a primer first you'd probably be a lot better off.
Overall it's a fun little palette but I probably would only use it when I want to really punch up the sparkle factor. It's still a bargain at $4.99. You can find it on the Born Pretty website here. Mine is in the shade 1916-05.

If you purchase from Born Pretty remember to use coupon code KSPH10 for your 10% savings. XO

Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekly Roundup : Friday Faves #24

I have so much to say on my favorites because I haven't done one in quite a while. I won't overload you all at once, but I do I have a lot I've been loving lately.

I've been loving felt tip eyeliners for quite some time and since NYC makes my favorite liquid liner I decided to give theirs a go and I was not disappointed. It's super black and long lasting and the best part is it's super affordable.

I'm sure you've heard all about this journal by now as it's all the rage atm, but I love this Q&A a day style 5 year journal. Sometimes I want to write but don't have it in me just to pour words out onto a blank page. This journal asks a simple question each day over a 5 year period so you can see how differently you answer each year. It's a fun way to get a little writing in each day.

This e.l.f. blending brush is my all time favorite for contour. It's fan shaped but also dense so it's the perfect brush to blend out product.

This Glamour to the Rescue cream bath soap has been my absolute favorite bath product as of late. It foams up beautifully and it smells really good.

I love all things blog related, including reading all my favorite blog posts daily. One of my absolute favorite bloggers is my good friend Ella from In Ella's Element, including this post on women's magazines and their content and influence. Ella's blog ranges from beauty posts to serious content and I absolutely love Ella. I definitely recommend checking her blog out!

Those have been my favorites for the week, let me know what you guys have been loving! Happy weekend everyone! XO

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pete's Island

This drink is one of my absolute favorites. It all stemmed from my husband's love for Cape Cod's. Enter in our good friend and former bartender, and we were introduced to the Sea Breeze. This is my husband's spin on both those classic drinks!

You'll need:

Pineapple Rum
Coconut Rum
Triple Sec
Pineapple Juice
Cranberry Juice

This is another simple drink to make and makes approximately 4 drinks. In your shaker full of ice pour in 1 oz pineapple rum, 1 oz coconut rum, 1 oz triple sec, 2 oz each of the pineapple and cranberry juices and shake all together. Serve over ice.

*If you want it stronger, add more alcohol, if you want it weaker, dilute with more juice; these measurements are, of course, our personal preference!

One day closer to the weekend! Happy Thursday everyone! XO

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Galaxy Chic

BH cosmetics is a brand that has been on my radar for quite some time. I finally got to try out some of their stuff recently and I must admit, I'm in love. You put a ridiculously affordable palette that's highly pigmented and has beautiful unique colors in my stash and it's quickly become one of my favorites. As many palettes as I own, I don't have anything that's quite like this, which makes it a fun addition. I have to admit I'm super impressed by the brand and am definitely going to be collecting more goodies in the future!

The packaging is absolutely beautiful, I LOVE that the shadows are baked to look like planets, so gorgeous!

All of the colors are beautiful and shimmery and super pigmented. I swatched them try but since they are baked they are even more intense when wet.

Have you guys ever tried anything from this brand? XO

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Be Nice Please

In general, I'm not a slogan shirt kind of gal. I mean, I like them and I always think they're cute and funny on other people, but I could never commit to a saying enough to want it branded across my chest. Then I came across this sweater from Forever 21 and I just had to have it. I don't know if it was the juxtaposition between wanting people to be nice and demanding it on a shirt or the cute pink color, but either way straight into my shopping cart it went. It's been one of my best purchases to date as I wear it virtually every weekend and in a number of different ways. If you give me something cozy and cute chances are I won't take it off until it's falling off my body.

Forever 21 sweater here
Target purse here
Shoes similar here

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Thirty Something Life Turns One

Happy one year anniversary to this blog! I want to say thank you to all the love my little blog has received, and although it's definitely been (and will continue to be) a work in progress, I have received so much positivity and support and truly my blog friends are the BEST!

It's amazing to think of all the things I've learned blogging for a year. Believe it or not, my photo skills have come a long (and I mean LONG) way. There's room to grow, but I'm definitely proud of it. Also, I did join the world of Instagram and Twitter (although Twitter still really confuses me) which is a big step for me. Each and every post I write is a new chance to learn and better my blog, so it's been a fun journey.

There is also a lot I am clueless about in the world of blogging. For example, I got an email about doing a guest editorial on my blog from a company? Person? What does that mean? Are they expecting compensation? Is it rude to ask? Who the heck are they? It isn't one of my blogging friends so why the interest in my blog? Exposure? Who knows! P.S. I am always happy to feature and work with my friends on my blog! Also, I had to ask my friend Cara, of the blog Kindly Unspoken, to school me on link-ups. Because I really had no clue what that was all about. Thank you, Cara, for helping a girl out. You guys are the best and are always here to teach me the ways of the blog world and I am forever grateful.

Mostly, I am so happy to have gotten the opportunity to "meet" so many beautiful ladies who are amazing, supportive, positive and incredibly inspirational. Thank you for one amazing year and here's to many more! XO

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Charming Lipstick

This lipstick from After. 90 by way of Born Pretty Store is gorgeous, from the color to the packaging to the name, "Charming Lipstick", I love it all. It's a gorgeous berry with brown undertones which is quite unusual for me as I generally go for berries with purple undertones but the brown makes this one a lot more neutral and easy to wear. The packaging is beautiful and unique and feels a lot more expensive then its $6.76 price tag. A couple of things to mention; this is listed as a matte lipstick but in my opinion it's more of a satin finish and the color is different from what is actually pictured on the website. I'm still happy with the color but it's definitely different from the website, which was a purple type berry, so keep that in mind. It's not the longest wearing lipstick but it does last a good while and it's super opaque and pigmented. Overall I'm happy with this lipstick and would definitely purchase others in the range.

You can find the lipstick here: #24
You can find a 10% off code in the side bar under the savings corner

*Born Pretty kindly sent me this item for free but all opinions are my own. I receive no other compensation, including if you choose to use the code, it's simply a way for you to save. XO