Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stress Free Sunday : Facemask Time!

Finally, a face mask to end my long day! I love a good face mask, as most women do, and because I have oily skin I almost HAVE to do regular face mask to keep my skin under control. Since I find face masks SUPER relaxing I have no problem sticking in time to do a couple a week. Tonight I decided to use my absolute favorite mask. It's by Freeman so it's super affordable and it smells so amazing!
The mask has anti-stress aromas such as Lavender and Bergamot, and the smell is seriously heavenly. Dead sea minerals and sea salt are in the mask which help to purge clogged pores.
The mask goes on super duper blue. Some reviewers said that it actually dyed their hair, but I have dark hair so I've never really had that issue. Just something to keep in mind; be extra careful in using it if you have lighter hair!
What did you do to relax this week?

Get the Freeman Anti-Stress Mask here.

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