Tuesday, March 3, 2015

FODMAPs...day 2

Originally I was going to wait about a week before I updated you on our current diet, because what could I really know after just 1 day? Turns out, A LOT! Here's what I found out...
First of all, I have the headache from hell. I know, not what you expected right? I am not a person to get headaches and if I do, I usually just deal with the pain until I can go to bed. But this headache started last night and came back with a vengeance this morning. This is definitely a two aspirin type of headache. I am assuming that this headache has to do with the fact that I drastically reduced my caffeine intake to just 8 oz of black coffee in the morning. This, for me, is the worst part! I am a coffee fiend, as in I have at least 24 oz a day if not more. Not the most healthy thing but still, it's my one vice and that's just how it is. Usually in the afternoon I throw on a diet Coke for good measure because, you know, I probably haven't had enough caffeine already. So my first tip for anyone trying this or any sort of diet that limits your caffeine intake is to definitely cut back the week before starting. The book we are referencing suggests this but since we procrastinated and started reading it about a day before we were set to start, we really didn't take heed.
On the plus side, even though I'm really not the one with the stomach issues, I woke up feeling very "light." As in, I didn't overeat, feel bloated, have indigestion, or any of those other fun things I get from my ridiculously unhealthy diet. My second tip is to eat the suggested 6 small meals a day. I am a person who likes to eat often, but when I do eat, it's usually one thing. For example, at lunch, I usually would just have a sandwich. In the book's sample menus, it often has meals consisting of 3 or 4 different foods. This makes it so you eat often and more so that you get the amount of food you need, while still allowing your body to digest it properly. I've found that with the foods we are allowed to eat, I do have to eat slightly more at meals to stay full; But because it's foods that are low FODMAP, I don't feel heavy or bloated from this. Following the portion suggestion sizes also helps immensely.
Most importantly, my husband was finally able to get a full night sleep without getting up once to get sick. If that's not saying something, then I don't know what is!

Tell me, what did you eat yesterday and how did it make you feel today?

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