Thursday, January 28, 2016

Its Almost the Weekend...Drink Series

When I've had a particularly long day, or even if I'm just feeling a bit cheeky, I like to end my night with some TV and a nice drink. Or a bath and a nice drink. Or reading a good book and a nice drink. Clearly, the common element here is the nice drink. One of my husband's favorite hobbies is to concoct new drinks and one of my favorite hobbies is to taste test them. Since it's almost the weekend I thought I'd start this series by sharing a recent recipe: its our twist on the Blue Hawaiian.

You'll need:
3oz Blue Curacao
2oz Coconut Rum (we use Parrot Bay which is super affordable and we really like it)
2oz Raspberry Rum (we use Bicardi)
6oz Pineapple Juice
Cocktail Shaker
Jigger (measuring tool)
*Makes Roughly two drinks

This one is easy, you start with ice in your shaker, add in the Curacao syrup, alcohols and juice and give it a good shake. Serve on the rocks. Enjoy!

Simple right? It's also a super pretty blue color, hence the name.

Have you guys ever had a Blue Hawaiian? If you give this a try let me know what you think! XO

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace : A Review

I have been reading a whole heck of a lot lately and this is a book I've had my eye on for quite some time. My husband treated me to the paperback copy a while ago but it's taken me longer than usual to get through. That's in no way because the book is poorly written...but clearly from the title this is a sad and tragic book that does not have a happy ending. I never did purchase it myself because it's one of those books I have to gear myself up to read. I knew I would love it, but I had to be in just the right frame of mind to read anyone else like that? Since I knew the basic premise of the story it wasn't exactly surprising but it was incredibly poignant and there is just something about reading a book that tells the story of a real life that I just can't get over. It's definitely one of my favorite kind of novels to read.

This book is the story of Robert Peace, written by his college roommate Jeff Hobbs. Robert comes from an incredibly impoverished neighborhood and through his mother's hard work and perseverance ends up going to Yale and receives a degree in Molecular Biochemistry. Essentially, the man is a genius who can't seem to escape the need to be more and in turn, it leads to a tragic end. It's unfortunate to read about a person so bright and giving that just can't seem to see past his own insecurities, his own need to prove himself. The ending is not surprising but you still have a tiny bit of hope for some justice or some sense of closure at the end of it all. I warn you now, you'll get neither.

I liken my feelings of reading this book to when I watched Fruitvale Station (another amazing, but heart-rending story). I literally cried for days after. Days. I do recommend this book for those who are not as sensitive as I am...or even for those who are and can spare a good week of tears.

What have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments below! XO

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Yellow

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some sunshine. When it gets to be this time of year and there's still a lot more winter ahead, I have to help my mood out a little bit by injecting some bright colors into my wardrobe. I'm loving bright yellows right now and this sweater brightens my day as soon as I put it on.

This color always reminds me of the 70's...I'm pretty sure most of my mom's clothing was this mustard yellow hue. I ended up throwing on a pair of bell bottom jeans and my favorite fringe bucket bag. I threw on a bright colored necklace which only added to my bright mood.

I love the pearl detail on the collar of my blouse. I couldn't resist adding more yellow detail and the blue polka dots are a fun take on a traditional print.

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits when I need a little jolt out of my winter funk. Is there an outfit you choose when you want to brighten mood? XO

Sweater : Forever 21 similar here
Bucket bag: Deux Lux similar here
Jeans : Wallflower similar here
Necklace : House of Harlow here  

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Lipstick Lover Tag

I saw this tag floating around and immediately knew I had to do it. When I actually sat down to answer the questions it was a lot harder than I thought since lipstick is my ultimate weakness. Also, making decisions on "favorites" isn't exactly my strong point. I managed to do it though so here are my answers on the lipstick lover tag!

1. Favorite balm/treatment? 

Definitely has to be my Vaseline Rosy lips..still my favorite several tubs later!

2. Favorite eye catching red?

After swatching about 50 shades I had to settle on Revlon's British Red. It's a true red that's bright and bold and very eye catching on the lips.

3. Best Luxury and Drug Store?

It was easy for me to choose best Luxury, since I mainly only own Lancome lipsticks in that category, but they really do have a great formula. I showcased Trendy Mauve in the cream formula but all their lipsticks are really amazing. For drugstore it was more difficult as I love so many brands, but I ultimately had to choose e.l.f. Moisturizing lipstick. When I don't know what lipstick to choose I always reach for one of these as they are super hydrating and easy to wear. This one's in the shade Nicely Nude.

4. Most Disappointing?

These Too Faced melted lipsticks aren't disappointing as far as color and wear. They do exactly what they promise, but for all the hype these get in my opinion they're nothing special. In fact, I've found dupes for a third of the price that are exactly the same but way more hydrating. This is in the shade Melted Peony.

5. Lipliner: yes or no?

Most definitely yes. As I've gotten older my lips definitely need a little more definition. Two of my all time favorites are the Colourpop liners and e.l.f. Mineral lip liner. Both are super creamy and pigmented. From top : Peachy and Westie.

6. Favorite Lipgloss?

I'm not huge fan of lipgloss but one that I do wear often is the NYX butter gloss. They are super pigmented and not sticky like most glosses. I have the entire collection and truly love them all, but one of my favorites is Peaches and Cream.

7. Anything else?

Yes, I have to mention lip crayons. Virtually every brand makes these now and I love them. They are super simple to apply and the majority have a minty feel to them which makes them so nice to wear. Three of my favorites at the moment: Revlon Colorburst matte balm in Sultry, Laqa & Co lip lube which doesn't have a name but it's bright purple and NYC Cityproof twistable crayon in Riverside Rose.

Going through all my lip products always makes me's the simple things! Remember if you do this tag to leave me a link so I can read your answers! XO

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beauty Treats Heart Love Blusher Palette

I don't know what it is, but anytime I'm in a discount store...or any store for that matter...I head straight to the makeup aisle. I love to see what different stores carry and if there's anything that catches my eye. If I'm honest, I bought this blush palette purely for looks alone. As silly as that is, I cannot resist cute packaging, and hearts are basically the cutest. The fact that is was only $5.99 at Burlington Coat Factory (random?) made it all the more sweet. I'd never heard of this brand but I've never been one to pass up a chance to try something new!

First of all these colors are super duper pigmented, which is incredible for the price point. Some of them are somewhat too pigmented (hello neon pink!) so you definitely need to apply with a light hand. I cannot wait to use the lighter shades as we go into Spring, they are so soft and gorgeous. The one and only downside is that some of the blushes are super duper powdery. I'm not just talking fall out, I'm talking full on powder particles on the swatches that got stuck once they hit the moisture of my skin (sounds gross, I know, but makeup wearers know what I'm saying). So I definitely need to tap off the excess before applying. As far as wear goes, I tried to rinse the swatches off with just water and they didn't budge...eventually, after some gentle rubbing with soap they came off cleanly. Overall I was highly impressed with the quality of these blushes and I would definitely say stop into your local Burlington and check them out.

Have you guys ever tried anything from this brand? XO

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Husband Dressed Me...Running Errands

I didn't get to do a husband dressed me post last month and I really missed it. Today we finally had a day off together and although we were just running errands I thought it would be fun to see what he'd put together. I did have to specify that this would be outfit for the day, since it's raining and cold and I didn't want to end up in sandals again!

One thing I've learned, my husband either really loves me in skinny black pants or he just knows my style real well because I wear them fairly often. I haven't worn this sweater in a long while but it's super cozy and I love that he picked a comfortable outfit since we'd be walking around all day.

Instead of classic elbow patches this sweater features elbow skull patches which sort of look like the Punisher now that I'm thinking of it...wonder if my husband was subconsciously telling me something? I mean, our errands did consist of hours of shopping...

He picked out this fringed bucket bag with gold detailing which I loved with my otk boots.

He also picked out my jewelry, which included a spiked gold bracelet, evil eye statement ring and these simple, pretty triangle dangle earrings.

He completed the whole look with my Just Fab over the knee boots which were perfect for the rainy, wet day.

Again, my husband surprised me with his outfit choice, it was really comfortable and practical but still super cute. Way to go hubs! Maybe I should start letting him pick out my outfits more often...

JustFab Sabbina boots

Monday, January 18, 2016

Profusion Face Palette

I know, I really did not need another palette. The thing is, when you (or me, anyway) find a great deal it just can't be helped. And I'm just drawn to palettes like a moth to a flame, it really can't be helped. I've never heard of the brand Profusion, but when I saw this palette at Ross for around $6 (definitely under $10) I had to get it. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the contour shades. I'm interested in checking out other items in the range, especially since it's so affordable. I have to say if you are looking for great prices on makeup check your local discount stores like Ross and TJ Max, I've found some real gems.

My three favorite shades have been the darker contour, the darker blush - both are matte - and the pretty golden highlight. These are super pigmented and although slightly powdery, good quality for the price.

I showcased some of the gorgeous eyeshadow shades that I cannot wait to wear this Spring. These are the same as the cheek products, pigmented but powdery.

 The palette also includes some nice eyebrow waxes and lip glosses, I haven't really had a chance to play with those a ton yet but it's nice to have. I really love that dark eyebrow wax, once I test how it lasts it may very well show up in a favorites.

Overall this palette was definitely worth the price and I'm glad I picked it up. Have you guys ever tried anything from Profusion? Hope everyone had a great weekend! XO

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites : Hair Edition (#2)

A while back I shared some of my favorite hair products. While a lot of things in my life stay the same, hair products are definitely not one of them. Of course, I have my favorites, but most of the time I'm always trying something new to tame my crazy tresses. Here are some of my current favorites!

My first favorite might seem a little strange, but I love to use Tea Tree oil as a clarifying agent. You can add 10 drops of oil to any 8oz of your favorite shampoo and use regularly. It helps not only really clean your scalp, but tea tree oil also protects your hair and is said to promote hair growth. I use it one to two times a week because I use a ton of product in my hair.

I'm always trying out some sort of hair "benefit" product, whether that be oils or this 12 Benefits Instant Healthy hair treatment. This is said to seal color, smooth, repair, improve texture and manageability, prevent split ends, moisturize, strengthen, protect from chlorine, wind and sun, prevent flat iron damage, add shine and softness, protect from blow drying and has an anti-age formula. That's a lot. I can't claim that it does every single one of those things, but I do know that it does leave my hair feeling super soft and silky and adds a nice shine.

I always use a heat protectant and this Haute Iron Spray from Catwalk by TIGI is amazing. First, I like that it sprays like a hairspray so you don't accidentally get it all on one spot, and it smells amazing. Literally like perfume for my hair. So, so good.

Apparently I really like Catwalk by TIGI and I didn't even know it. This sea salt spray is one of my all-time favorites and I've tried a LOT. This one isn't super drying and I love the texture it gives to my hair. The only downside? My pump became clogged within days. I just transfer to another spray bottle and use it that way.

Last, if you know anything about me, you know that my motto on hair is the bigger, the better. I love me some volume. This Big Hair Rocks Big Volume Root Lift is basically the same idea as the Big Sexy brand, but literally 1/3 of the price. I purchased this at my local grocery store and it gives amazing lift that lasts for days. I couldn't recommend this product enough.

That does it for my Friday favorites. Tell me what hair products you guys are loving right now in the comments below. Happy weekend everybody! XO

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Eyeshadow Junkie Tag

I know, I know, I just did a tag...literally just yesterday. But look at the title. You know I had to do this! Thanks to Francesca over at Batty 4 Beauty for letting me know about this tag! Since I can't seem to stop buying eyeshadow palettes this seemed like a perfect tag for me to do so here we go...

1. What is your favorite drugstore eyeshadow brand? e.l.f. definitely. Their smudge pots are some of my most loved and most used.

2. Favorite eyeshadow primer? So far it's been a sample I have of Too Faced's Shadow Insurance. That stuff has lasted me ages and it does the job.

3. First ever eyeshadow purchase and do you still use it? I'm sure I had Bonne Belle eyeshadows and stuff when I was younger (does anyone remember those?) but my first proper eyeshadow purchase for myself was the NYX Runway Collection palette in Caviar & Bubbles. I definitely still use it, it's a perfect little neutral palette.

4. Best drugstore shadow dupe? Honestly, I can't really answer this because I don't really have high-end shadows to be honest.

5. Most under-rated and over-rated shadows? The most under-rated would be Coastal Scents shadow palettes. I don't hear a ton of people talk about them and I have a couple that are Holy Grail status for me. The most over-rated (please don't kill me, this is just my opinion) are probably the Makeup Geek shadows. I've only tried a couple and while I love their blushes, their eyeshadows never really impressed me.

6. Favorite single eyeshadow? If you know me you know I don't own many single eyeshadows, but the Colourpop ones are hands down one of the few I make an exception for. I especially love the shade Sequin, which I featured on a post here.

7. Favorite cream shadow? I love Lancome's cream shadow base in Noisette. I can wear it under other shadows as a sort of primer but I also wear it alone and it looks lovely for a minimal makeup look.

8. Favorite neutral shadow? Hard Candy does a palette called Natural Eyes, which is a knock off of theToo Faced palette of the same name. It has pretty much every neutral eyeshadow you could ever want and I use it often.

9. Favorite colored eyeshadows? I don't wear a ton of bright shadows, I usually leave that for lips, but e.l.f.s 104 piece palette has a ton of bold eyeshadow colors which are all super pigmented and buttery soft. I have used that palette time and again when I want to play with color.

10. Best eyeshadow palette ever? I mean, this is kind of like asking someone who their favorite kid is. If I had to pick, at this point I would say my Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette, I've used it pretty much daily since buying it.

If you are an eyeshadow lover or just a makeup lover in general, you should do this tag. Make sure you leave me a link to your tag in the comments! XO