Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End of Summer

Okay, so Summer probably isn't over, especially because where I live it can be sweltering up until Halloween. Even if the heat continues into September, I'm the type of person that hangs up (literally) my dresses at the end of August and calls it a season. So here's one last outfit to end my summer with, and a fitting one at that with the palm tree print. Who hasn't loved a good palm tree print this year? I certainly have and to add a little more tropical punch I added my favorite flamingo necklace. It's no secret I love Orelia necklaces and this was one of my favorite additions this summer. I kept the rest simple with some tan sandals and my cute, dainty love bracelet.

The shirt dress is from Forever 21 and I love the bright palm print of it. I threw on a "summer cardigan" over it because I like to have my arms covered. The length is perfect for dresses and I purchased this one from Ross but I'll try to link one similar down below.

My current favorite Orelia necklace; a flamingo standing on one leg.

My love bracelet is from Jewelmint but I've seen similar ones on a lot of websites and my Swarovski crystal heart ring is from Amazon.

My pink and gold mini purse is from Forever 21 but went out of stock back in Spring. I'll link a similar one below if I can.

These are some of my favorite clog sandals from shoemint. They are super easy to wear but the leather has stretched over time so the backs slide right off anymore.

Another cute palm shirt dress
Summer Cardigan
Flamingo Necklace
Love Bracelet
Swarovski Heart Ring
Mini Purse
Tan Clog Sandals

I hope you guys are having a great week, we're at the middle and almost to Friday! XO 

Monday, August 29, 2016

August Favorites

Since I'm not doing weekly favorites I decided to do monthly favorites instead. It's already the end of the month and nearly the end of the year which is sort of frightening but it's also almost my favorite time of year, so I can't complain too much. Anyways, my favorites are a mish mash this month with some beauty and some food items. Here's what I've been loving!

I am loving this Makeup Revolution Death by Chocolate palette. I talk about it in depth here, but I swatched a few of the cool toned colors I've been loving lately. Let's be honest, I live in a perpetual state of  Autumn, makeup wise, and this month it's been at an all time high in anticipation of the upcoming season. This palette has so many cool toned neutrals I've just had it on repeat lately.

I am absolutely loving granola bars by Kind and Kashi lately. There's not much to say about these except that I am into Pumpkin Spice everything right now and you will always find one of these in my bag. 

There was a time when I was super into eyeliner gel. In fact, I wouldn't wear anything else. Then I got to a point where I all I wanted was easy and I veered towards the felt tip liner. Then liquid was just the easiest for me. Well I'm back to the gel liners. Not only is the Maybelline one super creamy but it's also one of the darkest blacks you'll fine, which I happen to love. The staying power is also really impressing on these gel liners.

As you know I love wearing a pop of color on my lower lash line and lately I've been loving this forest green one by Jouer in the shade Vert. It's a super creamy formula that stays put but can also be smudged out for a smokier look.

You guys know I love sparkling water and this new flavor from La Croix in Blackberry Cucumber is sooo good. At first I was unsure of whether or not I would like this as I generally just like lemon or lime, but this has quickly become my favorite and is nice and refreshing as we've had some hot days lately.

Let me know what you guys have loved in the month of August and if you're as excited about Autumn as I am! Happy Monday! XO

Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate Palette
Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Granola Bars
Kind Vanilla Blueberry Bars
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Jouer Eyepencil in Vert
La Croix Blackberry Cucumber Sparkling Water

Friday, August 26, 2016

Feel Grateful Friday #2

Yay! It's Friday! It's the time for us to reflect and see what we've felt grateful about this past week. As always, share with me in the comments what it is you've been thankful for!

- Coffee : Always coffee but seriously super grateful for it this week ... you know, end of vacation blues and all that make me super duper tired!

- Vacation : That brings us to my vacation. I am so thankful that I was able to go away for a week. Everyone needs time to recharge and it was the perfect time for me as things are getting crazy busy on the home front.

- Friends : I am so grateful to have the kinds of friends who love me even when I'm not my nicest, perkiest self. I had a friend who let me vent for a good 15 minutes earlier in the week. I love her, she's the best, and I totally owe her for letting me rant like a lunatic!

- Driving : It's not often I get to drive into work, but getting to sleep in that extra hour is something that I used to take for granted but now I am so, so, so thankful for! I'm all about helping the environment but every once in a while a girl's gotta get her beauty rest!

I'm excited to hear from you guys, hope you all have had a wonderful week and have a happy weekend! XO

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Omni Green Labs Fiber Powder

I'm constantly trying to find meals that are healthy and filling but still quick and easy. I've never been one of those people who thought shakes constituted meals but as I find my life growing more and more hectic it's been an easy go-to and a lot healthier option than fast food. Even though I've given into substituting lunch for a shake, I still think it's important to get the necessary supplements for your body. Fiber is one area that I always seem to be lacking in and believe me, my body feels it. When I started doing shakes I looked into different options for supplements and was happy to see that fiber was something I could easily add into my shake without noticing any sort of taste or texture difference. One of the reasons I like Omni Green Labs Fiber Powder* is that it has one ingredient. Yep, one. Another thing I love is it contains 4g of fiber per tiny spoonful so you only need two spoons to get your daily recommended intake. I almost always add it into a shake but I've also had it in coffee and plain water. It dissolves easily and doesn't taste like anything so it's easy to add into almost any drink. It even says you can add it to food. I definitely feel like it's made a difference in how I feel physically; I'm a lot less bloated and that's always a good thing.

Tell me, do you guys do meal replacement shakes and have you tried a fiber supplement? Let me know what you think! XO

*this post contains products that were sent to me free of charge for consideration. I am not obligated to like the product.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Okay, admittedly, I still am in vacation mode, hence the title of this post. To be completely honest though, this little space of mine can use some housekeeping. I've been thinking a lot about my blog and it's been a struggle as of late to keep it up. Since I always want to make quality content I decided I'm going to start posting 3 days a week as opposed to the 5 I've been trying to maintain. Starting now, you can expect to see posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

While we're on the topic of posts, what do you guys want to see more of? Outfits? Recipes? Crafts? I always love to hear what you guys have to say so let me know what you want to see from me! Hope you guys all had an amazing weekend and Happy Monday, let's kick this week's butt! XO

Monday, August 15, 2016

Choosing the Right Organic Makeup

Today I have an amazing guest blogger to share with you guys. Emma, who blogs over on highstylife, is a passionate writer, online article editor, and a health enthusiast. You can also find her over on Twitter a @EmmahLawson. I also did a guest post over on hightylife which you can find here on organic masks. Go and have a look at the blog and show Emma some love! Read on to find out Emma's tips on choosing the right organic makeup.

It’s becoming more and more popular to be eco-conscious, environmentally friendly and to shop
for organic or all-natural products. From the aisles in your grocery store to apparel and
cosmetics, more products are claiming to be organic or natural and it can be difficult to choose
the right one. Beauty products are especially tricky, since there are no official regulations or
industry standards for the labels under which these products are marketed. So, we rounded up
some tips and guidelines to help you choose your next beauty product, confidently and wisely.


And we really mean it-simplify! All you really need is one good cleanser, toner or foundation to
keep your skin in top shape. More importantly, look at the content! Always opt for products
with a simpler list of ingredients and fewer “synthetic” chemicals.

What Does The Label Say And What Does It Mean?

Let’s start with some terms that are continuously being tossed around, and that you should
familiarize yourself with. “Organic” ingredients are plant-sourced components that are
cultivated without irradiation, harmful toxins or pesticides. According to the USDA regulations,
which unfortunately still apply only to food, there are different categories of organic products.
“100% Organic” means that, besides salt and water, the product contains only organic
components. That is the primo stuff! If the product is labeled as “organic” and carries the USDA
organic seal, you can be pretty certain that it is made with at least 95% organic ingredients.
“Made with organic ingredients” means that the cosmetics must contain at least 70% organic
ingredients and can list not more than three of these ingredients. But, how about the remaining
30%? Well, some make up does contain “synthetic” chemicals and some are well known toxins
you should steer clear of. For instance, always choose “fragrance-free” products since these
don’t contain phthalates, a class of chemicals linked to birth defects. A pretty comprehensive list
of problematic chemicals used in cosmetics can be found here. In the same way that some
chemicals can be toxic, be aware that just because an ingredient is natural, it’s not necessarily
healthy or safe. Your rule of thumb should be: if it’s a natural irritant - like menthol or
eucalyptus - it’s still an irritant.

Do Your Own Research

Take the time to do your own research. The Internet is chock-full of useful information and you
should use them. Apart from many on-line beauty magazines, there are plenty of reviews for
any product and it is easy to find out how one product stacks up against the others. Many
retailer websites offer the testimonials of other customers and first-hand experiences. It is
always a good thing to visit the company’s website to learn more about their philosophy and
values, and how committed they are to using natural ingredients. For example, a line of organic
and natural products L’Occitane uses traditional Provencal techniques and local natural
ingredients exclusively. You will also learn that the company is strongly involved with the
community, and doesn’t perform animal testing.


The best and easiest way to know what’s exactly in your beauty product is to prepare your own.
Whether you’re looking for a new blush or organic foundation with sunscreen, resources and
recipes are abound.

The bottom line: many labels, such as “organic” or “all-natural”, don’t necessarily mean that the
product is perfectly safe or chemical-free. Keep in mind that the cosmetic industry is still largely
unregulated. That labels can be a mere marketing ploy so you should always practice caution
and skepticism. Learn about labels and different ingredients. This will come especially handy
when you decide to whip up your own “shimmer-me- avocado-cucumber- moisturizer”.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Feel Grateful Friday #1

Things are changing over here on The Thirty Something Life. I got to thinking the other day how so often we take for granted all the little things to be thankful for throughout the week. And wouldn't it be nice if, at the culmination of a long, stressful, tedious week when we all just can't wait for it to be the weekend, we instead take a moment to reflect back on the little moments that made the week not so bad. It's all these little pieces of happiness that carry us through until those big moments of happiness (my vacay next week, for example)! Anyhoo, I thought I'd start this little Friday happiness sesh on the blog, feel free to join in because I always want to hear what's going on with you guys!

This week I'm super grateful for:
-husbands who do all the maintenance work on your bike, because you never even think to take the time to, but boy do riding on full tires sure feel a whole lot nicer!
-friends who share dessert with you because half the guilt and double the love.
-moms and dads who always invite you out to dinner and pay for you because no matter how old you are, they still consider you their baby.
-blogger friends who keep coming to this little blog, even when you slack and don't post regularly.
-time to blog again because you made the time and effort to actually do it and it feels great!

All in all it's been a pretty sweet week. Share with me what you've loved about this week in the comments below and let's make this a happy, reflective Friday! Love you guys! XO

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Colourpop Favorites

Lately, Colourpop has been on almost everyone I know's radar. They've always been a popular brand amongst beauty lovers and collectors, but recently even my less than beauty obsessed friends have been raving over the brand. I've come to accumulate quite a number of their products and thought I'd showcase some of my favorites as I've been playing around with them more recently.

First up are the highlighters. Colourpop do some of the most beautiful highlighters I've ever seen. I love Lunch Money, which is a frosty highlight and can be intense or natural, depending on how much you blend. The nice thing about the formula on Colourpop products is that it's so versatile. I still maintain Sticky Sweet is a blush and I wear it as such but Colourpop lists it under their highlighters. This gorgeous purple cranberry is so beautiful in the colder months.

Other favorites (and this was really hard as I have SO many) are the eyeshadows and I showcased a few with a wide range of color going on. Mixed Tape is cool toned grey that is so perfect for everyday wear. It pairs nicely with Tootsie (a lippie stick which is another favorite that, sadly, has disappeared into the black hole that is my lipstick collection not to be found without a really good clean out first). Nillionaire is an out of this world bronze that goes on so opaque and gorgeous, I get compliments every time I wear it. Sequin has been featured many times on this blog as it's a beautiful rose gold and super versatile. Drift is my dream shade, cranberry with hints of gold and pink, it's so pretty I wear it year round and have a backup!

Those are a few of my favorites from the brand. Have you tried Colourpop and if so, what are some of your favorites? XO