Monday, March 30, 2015

Low FODMAP update, challenge #2

So this weekend we did our 2nd challenge. We reintroduced Galactans back into our diet. I can tell you that coffee with soy creamer never tasted so good! Unfortunately our challenge did not go as smoothly as our first one did. While I didn't get sick, I did feel extremely bloated after the aggressive part of the challenge was done. I was even, dare I say it, happy to resume my low FODMAP diet so that I could feel some relief. The poor hubby fared even worse. After the aggressive part of the phase he got his first IBS symptoms since we started low FODMAP. He was extremely sick to his stomach but seemed to get better as the day progressed.
While this wasn't the result we were hoping for it isn't all bad. We now know that while my husband can have some Galactans, it's a very small amount, and definitely not all in succession. And really the whole point of this is to push the boundaries of eating and find our tolerance levels so we definitely learned a lot from this challenge. If you are eating low FODMAP and introducing in challenges I definitely advise keeping a food journal. It's easy to think you'll remember how you felt after eating certain things but it's amazing, especially for someone like me who loves food, how quickly you forget what foods make you feel awful.

Do you ever pay attention to how you feel after what you eat?


  1. Ahhhh Glactants.... Friend or Foe? At this point im going to say for. Im just lucky that beans are not really a huge staple of mine. Its awesome to learn what makes you sick. So you can have better control of your symptoms.

    If you have stomach issue and have not yet tried this diet, I would recommend it. This is THE answer to becoming symptom free.

    1. Yes I definitely eat them more than you, so luckily my issue wasn't as big of a deal! I agree, this way of eating definitely gives you a lot of insight into how food affects your body, which can be super helpful for those dealing with stomach issues!