Friday, April 24, 2015


I was all geared up to do a weekly roundup but by the time I had a chance to even think about that post, the lighting was terrible and no decent photos were to be had. So here's a tag for you always I would love to see everyone's responses so link your post in the comments below!

1. What are you wearing? Grey leggings and a white tank top
2. Ever been in love? Yes
3. Ever had a terrible breakup? Hasn't everyone?
4. How tall are you? 5'2"
5. How much do you weigh? A hundred something pounds...
6. Any tattoos? Yes, you can probably spot some of them in my outfit photos
7. Any piercings? Currently, just one hole in each of my ears
8. OTP? Um...I'm too old for this question
9. Favorite show? Bones...does anyone even watch that anymore?
10. Favorite bands? Too too many to name...lately it's been Passenger because I have that cd at work. Yes, the actual, real cd.
11. Something you miss? Spending time with my parents
12. Favorite Song? The Only Song by Sherwood
13. How old are you? 30 something....I feel like I did this tag already LOL
14. Zodiac sign? Aries
15. Quality you look for in a partner? Honesty and humbleness
16. Favorite quote? "Religions are different roads converging upon the same point. What does it matter that we take different roads so long as we reach the same goal?" -Gandhi
17. Favorite actor? Melissa McCarthy
18. Favorite color? Red and Purple
19. Loud music or soft? Soft...I like soft LOL
20. How long does it take you to shower? 10 minutes, I'm in and out
21. Where do you go when you're sad? Wherever there's food, I'm a terrible emotional eater
22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Half hour to an hour depending on if it's hair wash day
23. Ever been in a physical fight? Um, no
24. Turn on? My hubby
25. Turn off? Arrogance, rudeness
26. The reason I started a blog? I love to write and loved the idea of a writing community
27. Fears? Bugs and water
28. Last thing that made you cry? A movie
29. Last time you said you loved someone? Today
30. Meaning behind your blog name? I'm in my thirty somethings so I'm living the thirty something life
31. Last book you read? The Story of Awkward by R.K. Ryals
32. The book you're currently reading? The Aviary by Kathleen O'Dell, it's good so far!
33. Last show you watched? The Cleveland Show
34. Last person you talked to? The hubs
35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My Dad
36. Favorite food? You know I can't answer this, I love ALL the food
37. Place you want to visit? Asia
38. Last place you were? Work 
39. Do you have a crush? Yes, a lifetime crush on my hubby
40. Last time you kissed someone? Today
41. Last time you were insulted? That's difficult, I don't get insulted very easily...probably today when someone cut me off and I recognized who it was haha.
42. Favorite flavor of sweet? Mint Chocolate
43. What instruments do you play? I used to play the piano so I'm pretty sure I still can a little but nothing else
44. Favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring
45. Last sport you played? I bike, does that count?
46. Last song you sang? "Jane Said" in the car. That's just terrible.
47. Favorite chat up line? Um...
48. Have you ever used it? No.
49. Last time you hung out with anyone? My best bud Liz for some pedicures and drinks WAY too long ago
50. Who should answer these questions next? YOU, you who are reading this!

Have a happy Friday everybody!


  1. I smiled the whole way through this post, so many answers made me laugh. "OTP... I'm too old for this question" Ha! ;)


    1. Elle, you are so sweet! LOL I honestly had to look up what OTP was and still kind of didn't get it! HA! Thanks for stopping in. XO -Kim