Saturday, April 4, 2015

Best local Gluten Free finds

These are our favorite gluten free food finds that we bought from our regular grocery stores, not a natural food store. Although we do have a natural food store here in Ogden, Good Earth, which is very similar to Whole Foods, we wanted to see what our regular grocery stores carried in the way of gluten free foods and we were pleasantly surprised. These are the ones we would probably keep buying because they were that good!

 The Udi's Brand is hands-down the BEST gluten free bread we've had. The French Baguettes are so good, they almost don't even taste gluten free! We got these at our local WINCO store. Also, if you can get your hands on Udi's snickerdoodle cookies you will not be disappointed!

 These mini carrot cake cupcakes are delicious! They definitely don't taste gluten free! We got these at WINCO as well.

 Also from WINCO my hubby loves peanut butter and this cereal is really good with Almond Milk.

 This was from Smiths, next time I make my low FODMAP mac n' cheese I'm going to try these!

 These were a random find at Fresh Market but my husband LOVED these. He loves waffles so it was nice to find some he could have.

A bunch of treats we found at Smiths; the Betty Crocker cookies were really good! I can't wait to have the others.

It should be noted that when eating low FODMAP you can have gluten, you just can't have wheat and the easiest way to avoid wheat is eating things that are gluten free. Also, a lot of things that are gluten free are also dairy and soy free, other things we can't eat while eating low FODMAP.

Have you guys ever tried anything gluten free before?


  1. Those Eggo Gluten free waffles are GREAT! You cant really even tell. I really enjoyed these. You will not be disappointed with that purchase. Im a real picky eater.. So if i like them.. anyone will. :)

    1. They are definitely one of the better gluten free picks and it's nice to see so many big brands coming out with gluten free foods!