Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Fashion : Think Pink!

I still can't believe it was snowing here a couple of days ago, this place is so crazy! Anyway, Happy Friday everyone! It seems pink is EVERYWHERE right now, probably because we are all most likely ready for some warmer weather. I know I sure am.

 I love this shirt, I love how it's cut in a baseball tee style with the arms being lace, so pretty. Also, I love the bright florals on these pants on the gray background, they are super versatile!

I bought these shoes a really long time ago and I couldn't wait til it was warm enough to wear them. My major complaint? They are SO uncomfortable, I hope once I break them in they'll be better. 

My snake ring is my fave, I bought it some time ago from Jewelmint, it's such a fun yet dainty piece.

Are you guys feeling the pink vibe as much as I am lately?

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