Monday, April 6, 2015

FODMAP update

Hey guys, just a quick pop in to let you know how the FODMAP challenge is going. We were going to test fructose this week, but because hubby was so sick last weekend he was scared to test something like fructose, because most people probably get sick on high amounts of fructose. So we did the Sorbitol and other sweeteners ending with -ol test this week. These are mostly found in gums and mints. The majority of people digest these very poorly but because most of us have such a small portion size it doesn't really affect us enough to get noticeably sick unless you have a major intolerance to it. Long story short, we wanted an easy challenge we knew probably wouldn't make either of us sick. And we were right, we fared just fine in this challenge. We considered taking a break from a challenge but that meant prolonging our current low FODMAP eating and my husband wasn't having any of that! So there you have it.

Also, I am the only one in our household who drinks coffee so I've been coveting a single cup coffee maker with the little pod doo-dads forever. Well husband knew I had a long day and that I had been wanting one for a long time so to my surprise he went out and bought me one with a bunch of pods! OMG, luckiest girl EVER!

How has your Monday been?

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