Monday, April 13, 2015

FODMAP challenge update : Lactose

This week we challenged Lactose. This was really distressing for my husband because for a few years now we believed him to be Lactose Intolerant. It seemed that whenever he ate ice cream or drank a glass of milk he would get extremely sick. This was majorly upsetting for him because he LOVES milk. He loves milk like I love lipstick; the obsession is real! However he hasn't had any lactose in roughly 2 years. In the book we referenced to start FODMAPs, it was stressed to try every challenge because most people that believed they were intolerant to something found otherwise, particularly people who believed they were lactose intolerant.

Low and behold, my husband was able to have a shake and not get sick! This isn't to say he didn't suffer any symptoms. He did feel some bloating, but I think for the majority of people this is normal. He didn't have any major IBS symptoms and that was a HUGE discovery for us, one that I'm sure made my husband feel pretty good. For anyone who has ever believed they were lactose intolerant and suffers from stomach issues, please try eating low FODMAP. You may find that the issue was from something else altogether.

Just one more challenge and then the real test begins; how to continue eating low FODMAP when we know we aren't intolerant to certain things. Mainly, how do we continue eating healthily when we know only a few of the foods make us sick. Essentially, our main goal is to avoid the unhealthy build up that seems to have led to a lot of my husbands stomach issues. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

How do you make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet? What tips/advice would you give us?

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