Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites : Weekly Roundup

I think I, along with everyone else in the world, say this everything week, but really TGI Friday. This week has been a struggle, my body always seems to feel sluggish when the weather changes but it seems like it's finally settling down at a nice mid-seventies range so hopefully that will last. Anyways, here is what I've been loving this week:

I know, bar soap, weird right? But these little soaps by Bee & Flower are really beautiful, smell amazing and are super soft for my skin. I'm currently using the rose one and it has the freshest, softest scent, perfect for this time of year!

This Jergens BB Body lotion is definitely going to be my summertime go to. It claims to have 5 benefits; hydrates, illuminates, evens, firms and corrects skin. Since I only tried the sample size I can't say whether or not it does all those things, but I can say it definitely makes my skin look shimmery and silky, which is a must for warm weather.

This is a recent purchase but I've already worn it everyday since I bought it. It's the Pacifica Indian Coconut nectar perfume. Now I'm just going to say right here that I love coconut. I love the flavor, the scent, everything. And this perfume literally smells like an island holiday. If you don't like super sweet, coconut-y scents this probably won't appeal to you but for me, that's right up my alley!

This wouldn't be a favorites without at least one e.l.f. product and this week I've been trying out the e.l.f. HD lifting concealer and loving it. I usually never switch concealers, it's really the one place I get lazy with my routine and use the same product, but I'm so glad I tried this. It goes on super smooth and covers any dark circles as well as lasting all day.

This has been saving me this week. I get year round allergies that are especially irritating right now so I've been taking a little bit of coconut carrier oil, adding a few drops of this tea tree oil and rubbing it on my chest. It's helped me breathe a little easier when it's time to sleep.

I'm throwing it way back with this weekly fave. It's my Too Faced Natural Beauty Collection palette. This was literally one of the first makeup products I ever bought. The bronzer (as you can see) is my favorite bronzer; the shade is Sun Bunny Light, which I can only find in this palette! The shadows are equally as beautiful, they are in the shades Silk Teddy and Totally Toasted. The mirror also says "Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?" which just makes the palette that much more fun to use. I've worn it everyday this week!

That about does it for what I've been loving this week; what have you guys been into?

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday!


  1. i just bought a to faced product today and LOVE it, i really wish elf was sold in the uk too :( x x

    1. Too Faced is great, aren't they? Their makeup is sooo good. I hope you guys get elf back in the UK at some point; I'm sad for you! Thanks for dropping in XO -Kim

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