Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stress Less Sunday : Cycling Adventures Continued

I went on another ride today...even though I'm training I like to try to fit in at least one relaxing ride. Today was gorgeous, and aside from some flooding from all the rain we've been having it was the perfect day to ride. I am truly lucky I live so close to so many beautiful landscapes...

Me and the hubs in front of the beautiful river we ride along

Me in my beautiful biking outfit...haha

It's been raining here for two days and the river was full and wild; it was a beautiful sight!

We found an awesome campground on our ride that featured teepees

Pretty wild flowers growing along side the river

One of my favorite parts of our trail is riding in tunnels under the moving trains

While today's ride was enjoyable and relaxing for me, my hubs, who left earlier and started on a different part of the trail then I did, had a much more crazy time. To watch a video of him practically swimming in the river with his bike head on over to his blog, blissful cyclist, and be sure to follow him while your there!

How did you guys spend your Sunday?


  1. This post makes me feel seriously bad that I stayed in bed and slobbed all day, ha! Such gorgeous photo's, what a lovely ride... makes me want to dust off my seriously old bike and get out there again :)


    1. Haha, don't feel bad girl, that's totally how I usually spend my weekends! You should get out for a ride, it's the perfect time for biking :D Thanks for stopping in pretty woman XO -Kim

  2. Way to go getting out and biking! Sounds really cool to be able to ride beneath the trains :)

    1. We are really lucky, it is such a beautiful place to ride. Thanks for the support gorgeous lady! XO -Kim