Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oops...major dinner fail

Now, let me just start out by saying that I am no grill guru. In our house, that would be my husband. Ever since our bike ride last weekend, I've been craving BBQ chicken. No, that isn't as random as it sounds. During our ride, we happened to bike past a family who had decided to have a BBQ right off the trail, at the park grill. Hence, the chicken craving.
Tonight, since my husband worked later than me, I decided to fire up the grill and give it a go. Now, of all the chicken parts, the drumsticks are my absolute favorite. Not as healthy as, say, a chicken breast but I mean, that's where the good stuff's at. I threw on my drumsticks and 40 minutes and a few blazing flames later they were done. Or at least, I THOUGHT they were done. I even threw them in the oven on the warm setting to keep them hot until hubby came home.
So imagine my surprise (and disgust) when I took a big bite to find my drumstick undercooked. Yuck! Luckily a quick nuke in the microwave solved that problem but still...
The only two pluses to the night were that my husband's chicken breast was perfect (stupid healthy chicken breast) AND my husband, the grill guru, also made the same mistake a couple weeks ago. Well, you live and learn and pray you don't get stomach poisoning, am I right?

Tell me, what was your biggest dinner fail?

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