Saturday, July 18, 2015

Revisiting Old Posts

So I feel like once I've written a post I shut it away and never look back. Sometimes though, I think to myself, "I should do an update on that one." Since I generally talk about all things beauty, my opinions can change over time. I thought it would be nice to go through some of my old posts and let you know where I currently stand.

The post I've most wanted to update is my Sally Hansen Sensationail Review. While I still maintain I love using this at home gel nail kit, I have to admit I use it only when I want my nails to last 2 plus weeks (like if I'm going on vacation and don't have time to bother with nails.) My reasoning is this: I followed numerous tutorials on the removal of gel nails and every. single. time. my nails end up a wreck after all is said and done. I generally have really strong nails but after removing the gel polish my nails get brittle and break easily. I am positive it is something I'm doing in the removal process, but until I get the hang of it the gel nail polish is reserved for special occasions. You can find my original posts here and here.

Early on, I did a post on my Garmin Vivofit. Essentially the Vivofit is a steps tracker that also keeps track of calories, sleep patterns and a whole slew of other things. For some reason I took it off one day and forgot about it for a few months. Recently I started using it again and I still love it. It definitely helps someone like me (who sits at a desk for 10 hours straight) remember to get up and walk every so often. I love it and would still highly recommend it! You can find my original post here.

Hair and Face Oils. I've done many, many posts on hair and face oils as I love both these products. The hair oils are a year round staple for me as I color my hair and that can be very damaging. Hair oils are an essential part of my hair care routine and I use one daily. The facial oil is still one of my favorite products I've discovered, however I found that for my oily skin it was too much this time of year. For me personally, I think it will be more of a Winter time staple. You can find all my posts on these products here, here, and here.

Tell me, do you guys ever look back at old posts? If so, are there things you'd want to update?


  1. I've never tried hair oils but I'm going to go read your older posts on the now because I'm really trying to get my hair in better condition :) I always worry about editing on old photos and things and tend to want to go back and redo the pictures !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

    1. Oh girl, I don't even want to think about photos haha! But I am a huge hair oil fan, as far as making your hair healthier I think they are the best product! Thank you for stopping in lovely! XO -Kim