Monday, June 29, 2015

The Blog Tour Award

Last week the gorgeous Rainbow from Rainbow-Rose Blossom nominated me for the Blog Tour Award. I've talked about Rainbow's blog before because it's one of my favorites; she's incredibly genuine, passionate, unique and inspirational and I absolutely love her posts on self love and self acceptance, she's truly an amazing blogger, go and check her out!

The award rules:
1. Pass the tour on to at least four other bloggers.
2. Give your nominees the rules and specify the Monday in which they should post their nomination answers.
3. Answer the four questions about your creative process, which allows other bloggers and visitors to understand what inspires you to do what you do.
4. Compose this one-time post on a specific Monday (date TBD by your nominator).

My Answers:
1. How does your work differ from others in your genre? I don't feel I have a genre. I mainly talk about beauty, but I love to share recipes, talk about my thoughts and do general lifestyle posts. I pretty much write about whatever is in my head and I love branching out into all different topics, I don't think I'll ever change that.

2. How does your writing/creative process work? When I get an idea for a blog, I basically write it in my head then and there. I start thinking about what I want to say, the format I'll put it in, what I can talk about, etc. That way, when I go to sit down, I have a general idea about which direction I want my post to go in.

3. Why do you write and create what you do? I have always loved to write; it's always been an outlet for me. It's why I write about so many different things, I just always want to talk about things I'm truly loving or thinking about. It helps me feel grounded.

4. What are you working on at the moment? I have about 10 different blog posts ideas I'm working on, it's just trying to not be lazy find the time to get them all put together to post.

My Nominees:

It's no coincidence that I nominate these girls over and over, I love their blogs and read them daily, they are all some of the nicest, most genuine and beautiful women and their blogs are all amazing!

*If you wish to participate, share your Blog Tour Award on Monday: July 6th, 2015

Thanks so much again to Rainbow for the nomination! 




  1. Too funny Kim, I have 10 different blog posts going too, because we are going to be on vacation next week so I want to knock them all out and schedule them ha ha. Thank you for the nomination and I hope you have an absolutely glorious Monday sweet and pretty lady! :-)

    1. How fun Andrea, I hope you have a blast on vacation! Summer vacations are still the best thing! I hope you have a wonderful week my gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

  2. Rainbow I just adore you and your blog, you are one of my faves! Have a wonderful week my beautiful friend! XO -Kim

  3. i'm so excited to be doing this!!!! although i'll be publishing on a tuesday hahaha! such a rebel ;)

    1. How dare you? Hahahaha! That's okay, I'm excited to read it! :D