Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mini Makeup Revolution Haul

I have recently become obsessed with Makeup Revolution and would probably own ALL their products, however, since they are a U.K. based company and I live in the U.S. it's not really convenient. There are a few products that I just had to have and they are a pretty reasonably priced company (even with international shipping) so I thought I'd show you what I purchased.

Everything I purchased this order was from the I Heart Makeup line. All the packaging is very kitschy and cute and I can never resist cute packaging.

The eyeshadow palette I purchased was the Naked Chocolate palette. The original chocolate palette (I Heart Chocolate) is supposedly a dupe for Too Faced's Chocolate Bar Palette, but these palettes run at $11.97 each in U.S. dollars. There's also a 3rd palette in the collection called Death by Chocolate. I've heard tons of good things about Makeup Revolution's eyeshadow palettes so I'm super excited to use this.

 From Left: Racing Heart, Heart is Pumping
I tried to swatch these lipsticks for you but they came off super sheer on my hand, with the pink one not even visible. I had just applied lotion so I hope that was the reason behind that. I don't mind sheer lipsticks, but I don't like lipsticks that appear like a clear gloss. I'll have to try these out and get back to you on them, but I love the adorable heart shape. These were $3.73 each.

This is probably my favorite purchase of the bunch. I LOVE this bronzer trio. It's in the shade Hot Summer of Love and it is the prettiest bronzer I've seen. The top left is a golden shade, the middle is a rosey gold and the bottom is a deep copper bronze color. This is so perfect for summer. This is listed under the Blushing Hearts collection and was $7.48.

I'll definitely keep you updated on these products and will talk about them more in a future favorites if I really like them.

Have you guys tried any Makeup Revolution products? If so, which are your favorite?

Makeup Revolution


  1. I am a sucker for cute packaging and that eyeshadow palette is so cute!! Definitely going to consider getting it when I have some money. Great post Kim!

    Ella xx

    1. I used it today and it is super hot out but it still had not smudged or anything! I think it's definitely worth the money! Thanks for stopping in gorgeous! Xo -Kim

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  2. LOL it was definitely hard for me to actually USE the products instead of just admiring them, but I wanted the prettiness on my face too much to resist! It definitely wears well. It is really, really pigmented though, so I definitely had to use a lighter hand. I'm usually heavy handed on bronzer because I love it but the coppery color in this can be a bit much. It would make a gorgeous eyeshadow as well. But all in all, it gives a really beautiful glow and on me, with primer, it lasted all day! Thanks for stopping in my beautiful friend, I hope you have an amazing week! XO -Kim

  3. I love Makeup Revolution! The chocolate palettes do look good. Have you tried the iconic ones which are dupes for Lorac? So, so good!

    Bex x

    1. I have yet to try those but I'm always up for new Makeup Revolution recommendations so those will definitely be going on my list! Thanks so much for stopping in lovely lady! XO -Kim