Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Maison Jacynthe Review

I was contacted by a Canadian makeup brand via my beautiful friend Liz over on Lipstick and Confetti. They kindly let me chose some makeup to try and I loved it so much I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Some back story on the brand: Maison Jacynthe was founded in September 2014 by actress and producer Jacynthe Rene. The products are all formulated with natural and active ingredients, including antioxidant green coffee and they tout that their makeup line is age-defying, nourishing, and soothing. The products are made with no chemicals and only 100% natural ingredients exist in the line.

I was definitely interested in trying some of the products as I love the idea of zero chemicals going on my face. It's funny that we take the time to make sure our skin care is all natural but never really think about our makeup! While the company is fairly focused in Canada at the moment I know they are branching out to the US, and an English language catalog is in the works. In the meantime, you can find these products at They are mid range as far as price goes but for what you're getting as far as ingredients goes, it's a great deal and worth more knowing you can trust the ingredients you're putting on your face!

The first product I chose was a Terracotta in the shade 01 Mattina. I love it for bronzing but it is also the most beautiful transition shade. You know I love my dual use products. These are "refill" packages but you can buy the pan to put it in. I find it's packaged really nice so I just slide it right back into it's cover and it keeps perfectly, without being bulky. You can find it here.

The second product I chose was this beautiful blush in 01 Romeo. It's showing up much brighter in the package photo then it actually is. It's a really beautiful, soft burgundy color. Again, this is another one I've used both on the cheeks and as a shadow and it is gorgeous either way. You can find it here.

Of course I chose a lipstick because I just couldn't help myself. I first want to say that the packaging on this is gorgeous! It's heavy and really good quality. As for the color itself, it's in the shade 03 Garnet. It's a pink with a metallic sheen and it's long-lasting. It seriously lasted ALL day on my lips, I'm incredibly impressed with the quality. You can find it here.

I was incredibly impressed with the brand and I find the quality to be incredible. I love that each product details what's in it and they are all things that are familiar. I definitely will be checking out more from the brand. Thanks to Kim from Maison Jacynthe for reaching out to me about these beautiful products.

Which is your favorite, either from the ones I chose or the website? Happy Wednesday friends! XO


  1. Well I'll have to look into these- I love me a good Cdn company, especially a french one!

  2. Pink with metallic beautiful!! Have a festive day gorgeous friend!! Stay warm!

  3. How awesome do those sound. They look like great products!!

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