Wednesday, January 11, 2017

City Color Matte Lipstick Set

One of the very first matte lipsticks I ever tried was the City Color Matte lipstick in the shade Cappuccino. I loved that lipstick so much that whilst boredly perusing Amazon I decided to check out some of their other shades. When I stumbled upon a set of 6 for $6.00 I couldn't resist and quickly stuck them in my shopping cart. The formula on these lipsticks are one of my favorites. They are super long-lasting and really comfortable to wear as far as mattes go. The set I chose was the bold hues set and all of the lipsticks have vitamin E, something my lips are definitely craving this time of year. I loved 5 of the 6 lipstick shades so definitely a great purchase.

Pink is a beautiful bright matte but as I get older, I don't find many occasions where a bright Barbie pink is really appropriate so I don't reach for the color as much as I used to. I will most likely be passing this color along, although the formula is as good as the others.

 Berry is a bold pink that's really pretty and is richer in color than Pink, so it's right up my alley. This one will be gorgeous in the Spring/Summer.

 Melon is a gorgeous watermelon pink that's just a tinge more peachy then Berry. It's a pretty pink neutral and definitely one that's perfect for everyday.

I've already worn this lipstick a few times. It's in the shade Mauve and it's the perfect dusty rose color which I love this time of year. It's understated but perfect for everyday.

 Red is the most perfect matte red I have come across. It's super pigmented so it comes off super opaque which I love in a matte red and it's that perfect blue-toned red which I personally love.

 Latte reminds me a lot of Cappuccino but it's a lot more brown then Cappuccino is. It's literally the perfect nude, and I love a matte nude lipstick. It's one I will definitely get a lot of use out of.

Going back and doing this post I noticed that only 3 of the colors were actually supposed to come in the set I purchased. Melon, Mauve, and Berry were not actually supposed to be in the set I purchased so I'm happy I ended up liking them. Another thing to note, these lipsticks have a floral perfume-y smell to them which doesn't bother me, but the original formula didn't have that same scent, so if that's something that would bother you then maybe pass on these! If you are interested in buying this (or some version of this) set, then you can find them here

Have you guys tried any of the City Color Matte Lipsticks? What did you think? Happy Wednesday friends! XO


  1. That melon shade is so beautiful! I have to tell you, I go back-and-forth about being over 40 and the matte versus the glossy lipstick's. All I've ever worn is glossy but the wonderful palettes and Matte shades I am seeing are so intriguing. I think as long as they're not drying I would be a fan for that soft look.

    1. I think mattes are totally appropriate for any age, they are timeless! I do know what you mean though, I grew up on glossy, high-shine lipsticks so at first I was like hmmm ... but they have grown on me and I especially love them for the office as they are more understated. I think you should try one, these are really nice and not at all drying and literally you only have to apply them once and you are set for the day! Thanks for stopping in my gorgeous friend, I hope you're having a wonderful day! XO -Kim

  2. These are all such pretty shades and I really love Melon! I've been preferring matte shades a lot here lately! Great review!

  3. I've definitely been into the matte look lately so these were a great addition to my collection! Thanks for stopping in lovely, hope you're having a great week! XO -Kim

  4. These lipsticks look great and for such a reasonable price! I love the mauve and melon shades. I have hope are having a great week and have a lovely weekend planned my gorgeous friend!

    Ella xx

  5. I've really taken to matte lipsticks really and for 6 for $6 .. well you can't lose can you :) I've never tried city colour before but am looking forward to placing some orders and giving them a go :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  6. Those look like great lipsticks! Love the shades!

  7. these look lovely and pigmented! especially the red :)