Monday, March 26, 2018

March Favorites (2018)

I cannot believe it is almost April already, but I have to admit, I'm definitely ready for the warmer weather. March's favorites were admittedly not the funnest (I was sick for a couple of weeks) but they are definitely still favorites! Leave me a comment and let me know what you're loving this month. XO

I know everyone is on the oil train, but for good reason. I've had these for quite a while and while I have a diffuser, that's not my favorite way to use these. While I was sick, I loved putting a few drops of the peppermint and tea tree oils around my shower drain and when I took a shower, it was like a minty spa. It definitely cleared up my sinuses and gave me some relief. I recommend trying it, even if you're not sick, just for a relaxing spa-like shower.

I freaking love mascara primers. Seriously. I've used one for years and while I love the Lancome one, it is pricier and I go through these like crazy. This L'Oreal voluminous one is a great drugstore option. It's thick, it's lengthening, and it just gets the job done. If you love long, voluminous lashes, I recommend trying this out.

I have definitely been trying to use more natural products this year and I really have enjoyed this Burt's Bees milk and honey body lotion. It smells amazing (kind of minty, actually) and it's super thick and hydrating, which is exactly what I need. 

Over the last few months I've been using more natural lipsticks because they are just so quick and easy and always look put together. My first go-to this month is the e.l.f. Nicely Nude (bottom) lipstick. It's a nudey-pink color with some gold in it and just super pretty for everyday wear. My other (and all time) go-to is Kate's lipstick in the color 08 (top). It's a deep rosey pink and perfect for Springtime.

These Nature Valley granola cups with almond butter are ah-mazing. They are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up and are a healthier way to satisfy my sweet tooth or 3pm sugar craving that I seem to get every afternoon. These and a cup of coffee and I am in heaven!

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  1. Kind of strange that the lotion smells like mint! lol. And I love those granola cups! I can't buy them anymore because they are gone in one sitting!